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Airnergy award ceremony on „Day of Air“ with reference to the Nobel Prize 2020:

"Art of Air Award" 2020 to be awarded seven times at once

Award winners have rendered outstanding services to the breathing atmosphere in various areas

Hennef, December 21, 2020 – The „Art of Air“ initiative (launched by Hennef-based healthcare company Airnergy) presented the „Art of Air Award“ (AoAA) 2020 to no fewer than seven people on December 21, 2020. The initiative, which first announced the AoAA two years ago on the occasion of Airnergy’s 18th birthday (the company was founded in 2000), aims to use the award to draw attention to the high value of our most valuable foodstuff, which is indispensable for all people. The AoAA recognizes individuals, groups, companies and institutions for creative achievements and successes in the field of air, or more precisely, breathing air.

Due to Corona requirements, there will be an online award ceremony this year, which will be broadcast as a recording on December 21, 2020 by via YouTube – and later on the channel’s TV channel. In the „launch year“ 2021, the „Art of Air“ initiative then plans to offer the award internationally in up to 21 categories. With the AoAA, it thus intends to honor special achievements in the fields of optics, physics, sensor technology, philosophy, music, photography, sustainability, media, art, aviation and sports, including, for example, aerial acrobatics or disciplines in the field of sports and gliding, among others, in the future. Discussions are already underway with potential cooperation partners as well as event organizers about next year’s award. The „Art of Air“ initiative hopes that such a major event will „finally give our breathing air the attention it deserves.

This year’s awards – divided into seven different categories – were presented as follows:

The Swiss health TV QS24, which received the „Health Award“, is the first national TV station to focus on the holistic view on our health. QS24 went on air via Astra satellite TV on September 1, 2017; it broadcasts unencrypted 24 hours a day in Swiss High German and Standard German. The broadcasts can be received both on television (via some regional cable network feeds) and via Internet portals. QS24, which emerged from QuantiSana.TV, deals mainly with alternative medical topics, which are conveyed primarily in the form of interviews. The station, which presents its topics in a very transparent and multi-layered manner, also promotes a number of social projects and offers support to Swiss schools and associations, among others. „With the quote of Dr. Otto Warburg, biochemist and Nobel Prize winner, I was inspired and began to document the multifaceted, profound natural medicine with all its effects through observations of experts. I understand these treasures of experience as complementing a holistic view. Therefore they should be added to the in many respects already brilliant orthodox medicine. The work of Airnergy is also based entirely on this knowledge, which is why I am very happy to present it on my channel. By operating QS24, we want to convey this knowledge so that viewers can consider further perspectives for their path for prevention – or in the event of a disease progression,“ emphasized Alexander Glogg, founder of, who received the „Health Award“ – on behalf of his channel.

Health Award

Dr. Alberto Duque, who received the „Trust Award“, is a well-known lecturer and therapist from Colombia far beyond the borders of his home country. He has achieved overwhelming success with the Airnergy application in his practice with thousands of patients. The Airnergy vitalizers worked on a very simple principle: „They purify and repair oxygen. And they imitate the forest with it!“, says Duque, who uses Airnergy twice a day himself. The results are remarkable, he says. „Breathing opens the windows of the soul,“ Duque said. „After an Airnergy treatment, you feel more vital, fitter, more powerful and energetic, also more mentally agile, yes, simply more present. So the treatment is good for everyone: not just sick or stressed people, but also high-performance athletes – and high-performance thinkers, the high performers.“ In particular, the brain, which is under a lot of strain, can use high-energy air to develop its full potential and to regenerate. Because it is it in our body – after the heart and still before the eyes – second-strongest oxygen consumer! „The Airnergy forest air vitalizer is thus a true fountain of health for our organs,“ emphasized the South American therapist, who studied in Germany and has become acquainted with almost all outsider methods, in another conversation.

Trust Award

Walter Häge, founder of the foundation Selbstheilung Online, was honored with the „Homeland Award“ on behalf of his company. The foundation, which also includes the physician Dr. Manfred Doepp, the biologist Dr. Ulrich Warnke and the bio-physicist Dieter Broers, brings old and new effective healing knowledge closer to the users on its knowledge portal parallel to conventional medicine, i.e. all that has proven itself over thousands of years. In addition topics from the ranges rank nutrition, micro nutrients, cell energy, immune system and mental training – the columns of the health. Interested parties also receive valuable information and tips about other health topics, such as active substances and body detoxification, or even about the air we breathe. „In our foundation, we try to delve deeper into the causes of diseases by shifting the focus from the body to the mind. Our portal contains a wide range of information that supports people on their path to self-healing,“ says Häge, for whom his work is a matter of the heart.

Homeland Award

Marvin Alberg, founder and CEO of Neobeats (new company name as of January 2021), received the „Innovation Award“ on behalf of his company. Neobeats, a pioneer in the field of mental training, offers easy-to-use interactive listening programs. The company presents the first holistic German-language offering for Brainwave Entrainment, which offers a unique mix of effective listening sessions, practical tips and an active community to a broad population. The Neobeats sessions strengthen mental abilities and have thus – completely naturally and without side effects – positive influence on the users. In particular, five areas of life are optimized by Neobeats: sleep phases and meditations are deepened, relaxation intensified, self-awareness initiated and energy increased. Just 30 minutes a day is enough to bring about profound changes in our consciousness and our lives via brainwave training. To listen to the Neobeats sessions, the basic version only requires a smartphone, PC or Mp3 player. Neobeats also includes the brain+ project, which was created in cooperation with Airnergy. Airnergy has been a provider of the so-called Spirovital technology, an inhalation application on which brain+ is essentially based, for around 20 years. It is about nothing else – but about the air we breathe! With the help of atmospheric oxygen (21%) in combination with sunlight, the relative humidity of the ambient air and a method based on natural photosynthesis, the so-called Airnergy vitalizers bring the breathing atmosphere into an active, energy-rich state; the human cell can metabolize this better and thus optimally convert it into new life energy. Performance deficiencies can thus be compensated and repair and regeneration processes can be maintained and improved in a natural way. This also applies to energy and vitality losses caused by physical influences of house and building technology, e.g. by the withdrawal of humidity in closed rooms by air conditioning or heating systems. Airnergy thus (re)vitalizes the air we breathe by freshly conditioning and revitalizing the immediate breathing atmosphere in an electro-physical way, following the example of nature, more precisely: the health-promoting forest air.

Innovation Award

Karl-Heinz Röber, professor for information and energy medicine at the Lujiazui International United University in Shanghai and member of the Airnergy advisory board, has proven the importance of air humidity in our breathing atmosphere, which can hardly be overestimated for our health as well as vitality, with his research results. Röber received the „Education Award“ for these achievements. He also has his say in the 40-page guidebook „Der kleine Atmos“ (The Little Atmos) published by Airnergy – a work that has now also been filmed as a documentary by Airnergy. In it, the scientist, who works and lives in China, describes the effect as well as the benefit (which has public welfare significance) of the Airnergy vitalizer, the „smallest air spa in the world“, from the point of view of physics and clarifies why the Airnergy application comes so close to forest air therapy and thus to forest bathing. The small Airnergy ‚forest air resort generator for home‘ works completely after the model of nature, and the air flowing out of it has an energetic effect in our body more than 2000 times larger than the admission of the water in the liquid form“, so Röber. This is also the secret of the health-promoting forest air, which Airnergy imitates and makes applicable everywhere. It can also remain effective in our bodies for three to five days and protects us from negative environmental influences because our self-protection systems, now bio-electrically charged naturally, can work more actively for us.

Education Award

The „Art of Air“ initiative also presented the „Gesundheitsbote NRW“ with a prize: the „Media Award“. Marketing Manager Daniel Müller received the award on behalf of the publication. The „Gesundheitsbote NRW“ is published by the M&H Media Group, a health publisher that provides media support for doctors, alternative practitioners and the health sector of companies, thus giving an insight into the second health market. In the health magazine for the first time treatment methods from the school as well as from the complementary medicine are presented together. This concept is very popular with health-conscious people, including doctors and alternative practitioners. In the sense of a holistic treatment these two medical directions do not exclude themselves, but complement each other: This becomes clear in many contributions of the magazine, which is cared for by health experts and arranged by experienced journalists. The „Gesundheitsboten NRW“ is available free of charge in pharmacies, hospitals, from doctors and alternative practitioners, but also as an e-paper. In addition, interested parties are provided with up-to-date information on the social media channels of the editorial office and publishing house.

Education Award

Martin Laker received the „Vision Award“ from the „Art of Air“ initiative, representing his Engelsburg Academy. „With the Engelsburg Academy, I am pursuing my calling,“ Laker emphasized. „The connection of matter and spirituality is natural and should be lived by us again, as spiritual beings incarnating in material bodies. Life is much simpler than most people think; it is the (school) sciences that make it cumbersome and complicated. All humans are equipped with a brain and it is natural to think for oneself in order to make decisions. It ranks up there with self-responsibility, for body, mind and spirit.“ Laker has made it his mission to lead his fellow human beings back exactly there, so that they can master their lives themselves, in a free form of unfolding. The basis of all this, he says, is Wedic spirituality, which makes us true human beings, worthy children of their divine father. Far away from the remote esotericism, the Wedes stand with both feet firmly on the ground of the facts, but are very aware of their spiritual powers and live out these abilities for the benefit of all people. Common creating is for them no wishful thinking, but lived spirituality. Laker describes his departure into a completely new way of life and thinking in his book „Vision Engelsburg: Einfach anders leben“ (published in paperback by Wagner-Verlag in 2013).

Vision Award

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