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Airnergy award ceremony on „Day of Air“ with reference to the Nobel Prize!

Airnergy "Day of Air" on December 21st

December 21st is a special day, which was initiated by the Hennef health company Airnergy and dedicated to our breathing atmosphere as a „Day of Air“. „Art of Air“ initiator Guido Bierther emphasized in his appreciation: „One of our most important tasks is to create awareness in the public for our important life and breathing good: the ‚breathing atmosphere`. This is exactly what we want to achieve with „Art of Air“ initiative.“ The initiative, which first offered the AoAA two years ago on the occasion of Airnergy’s 18th birthday (the company was founded in 2000), wants to use the award to draw attention to the high value of our most precious foodstuff, which is indispensable for all people. The AoAA is awarded to individuals, groups, companies and institutions for creative achievements and successes in the field of air, or more precisely: breathing air.

The awarding of the AoAA takes place regularly on December 21st: the „Day of Air“ („Tag der Luft“), which Airnergy had initiated on December 21st, 2018 at the Steigenberger Grandhotel & Spa Petersberg in Königswinter/Bonn, in order to make the public aware of the unsurpassably high value of our breathing atmosphere. After all, its importance can hardly be overestimated, as it is the source of all our existence – from our first breath to our last. Without food, humans could survive for a few weeks, without water for a few days, but without the oxygen in the air for only a few minutes. Every day, humans inhale and exhale about 12,000 liters of air about 21,000 times, which amounts to about 7.5 million breaths a year – far more than half a billion in a lifetime.

This year, the „Art of Air Award“ will be presented no less than seven times, and the award winners have rendered outstanding services to the breathing atmosphere in a variety of areas. AoAA’s two-time honoree – in both 2018 and 2019 – was Dr. Jibin Chi, president of Channel Biomedical Group and director of CHI Awakening Academy. The „Art of Air“ jury thus deliberately honored the outstanding research work of the renowned scientist at that time and sent a clear signal for the perception of his new groundbreaking findings in the field of holistic medicine or Translational Medicine (TM) .

We sincerely thank all award winners for their achievements and commitment in this field – through whatever function and through whatever channel. All results of their daily work sustainably confirm the success of our basic scientific research as well as the technology and quality of our products.